Belt Replacement

On Elliptical Machines

To fully enjoy your elliptical machine for years to come, general routine maintenance must be done. Lubrication on moving parts, tightening of nuts/bolts and even replacing the flywheel belt inside are all common maintenance that needs to be checked and/or done on a routine basis depending how often the machine is being used.

Changing out the Elliptical Belt -

This is the most labor involved of the general maintenance of an Elliptical machine. Much like a household vacuum cleaner, the belt inside over time will wear, get debris caught up with it, or in some cases even snap. Don't worry, if this happens to your machine, it is not faulty. This is part of the general maintenance one must do. Again...much like a house hold vacuum, its a replaceable part and will be expected to wear out over time depending on how often the machine is used.

Replacing a belt may seem scary, but its quite simple to do and an elliptical owner should get used to the task of changing them out for such general maintenance. The process is simply:

  1. Removing your foot pedals (unscrew them carefully to not to strip the threadings, and remember which direction they unscrew from if its clockwise or counterclockwise),
  2. Then take off the plastic housing/base covers (usually held on by 4-5 screws on each side).
  3. Once you have the coverings off, you'll now see the inner skeleton of your machine and the flywheel and its belt will be exposed.
  4. Remove the old belt, and put on the new one.

Step 4 is where elliptical owners have the most struggle with, for the belt on an elliptical must be super tight with little to no tolerance in play or slack. We have made a quick video tutorial below on an easy and correct way to get the belt back on over the flywheel, and in place to where its tight and ready for use again.

*If you are in need of replacement belts or replacement parts for your machine, please CONTACT US for a quote on these parts.

Getting a Tight Belt on Elliptical