Get Your Heart Pumping

with this incredible workout

Fitness Freaks – it’s Valentine’s Day! So your Fitness Fanatics here at EFITMENT have put together a little circuit you can do with your gear!

TIME: 45 seconds

While holding your battle rope ends, perform jumping jacks for 30 seconds

TIME: 30 seconds

Perform high intensity small waves for thirty seconds while your body is in a squat position.

TIME: 30 seconds

Slam your battle ropes down – don’t worry, they were built for this

TIME: 30 seconds

This short cool down will allow your heart to take a few seconds. While facing away from your ropes - take the ends and push them over your head. The elasticity of the ropes will create resistance that will help build and strengthen muscles

TIME: 30 seconds

End with high intensity arm circles and perform a final slam when you are done.

Repeat this circuit 3-5 times for an incredible heart pumping work out. Go at your own pace.