Power through the New Year with your favorite fitness fanatics. EFITMENT is excited to announce new equipment to help you get into the best shape of your life. It’s time to maximize your in-home gym and create a healthy lifestyle that will benefit your heart, body, and mind.

First, EFITMENT is introducing the A024 Trampoline with an Adjustable Handlebar. If you are new to the fitness scene, EFITMENT has you covered. This fun workout machine will help you engage muscles in your thighs, calves and glutes. You will achieve a cardio workout and finally have a good time exercising.


Experience an excellent rebounding workout with the 45-inch mini-trampoline durable enough to withstand long exercise routines. 8 detachable leg pegs surround the frame of the mini-trampoline to avoid slipping, breaking or caving in.

It doesn’t stop there! EFITMENT is bringing in a NEW rower. The RW025 is affordable, durable and will engage muscles in your whole body! The IC031 is every cyclists dream too! Check them out below.

It’s time to kick your fitness into high gear for the New Year - Ya Hear???