If you’re looking for a way to increase your exercise intensity, consider adding a weighted vest to your equipment depository.

Wearing weighted vest can add resistance to your body during various exercise activities. The weight is packed around your chest and back, keeping the additional load evenly distributed while worn. Exercisers can wear their weighted vest during activities like walking, running, and while performing body weight exercises. While research has yet to determine if wearing a weighted vest during exercise is the best way to help individuals increase their health and fitness, there are some supported benefits to wearing a weighted vest during certain activities.

Increase Calories Burned, Exercise Intensity, and Bone Density

According to a study published by the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, exercisers who used weighted vests during walking programs increased their exercise intensity and metabolic cost during their activity. In short, adding a weighted vest can lead to a higher calorie burning response compared to walking without a weighted vest.

The same study also showed that adding a weighted vest during walking activities increased the amount of force produced per step, compared to walking without a vest. Simply put, the increase in force production was comparable to jogging when users wore a weighted vest proportionate to 20 percent of the user’s body weight. For individuals that are incapable jogging, wearing a weighted vest can be a comparable activity that would stimulate more force while walking.

And, as an added benefit to weighted vest, other types of weightbearing exercise have been shown to increase bone density in some individuals.

Increase Speed, Strength, and Endurance

If you want to increase your performance, speed, strength, or endurance, adding a weighted vest can help with that too. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that athletes who trained with weighted vest during a sprinting program increased their speed after completing their training program.

You can also use weighted variables to mix up your training program. If you’re able to perform several pushups consecutively, consider wearing  a weighted vest like the EFITMENT A001 to increase the exercise intensity. The vest will help you add secure flexible weight that is comfortable to wear during bodyweight exercises. The adjustable weight capabilities and sweat resistant material make the vest adaptable to your workout style (while also keeping it relatively clean). Strong Velcro will keep your vest snug to the body during the most vigorous workouts.

In summary, there are many ways a weighted vest can help you increase your health and performance. However, we do advise that you consult your doctor before beginning or changing your health and fitness program to include weighted vests. Adding external load to your body by using a weighted vest could increase your risk of injury if you are not able to handle the added weight during exercise.

Users can experience a high-intensity workout with battle ropes when they perform rapid multi-directional movements with one or both arms. Research has shown that short burst of battle rope usage can increase use heart rate and boost overall intensity of cardio routines.

You can innovate your training experience by using elastic battle ropes. This special kind of rope combines the benefits of battle rope exercises with resistance training. Made from a dual-functioning material, these ropes have enough weight to be used like traditional battle ropes, but can double as a supersized resistance band. Elastic battle ropes—unlike regular battle ropes—makes it possible to transition between total aerobic and anaerobic exercises in seconds—all with one piece of equipment.

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