Q: When is Efitment open and operating?

A: We are here for you, Monday through Friday from 9am to 5PM PST


Q: Where can I find User Manuals for EFITMENT products?

A: All our EFITMENT products have PDF User Manuals available on their respective product page on the EFITMENT website, available for download or to view. Please find your product on the website, and the User Manual is available for download in the product page.

Q: Where can I find information about general care and maintenance for  products?

A: Some our EFITMENT products have available PDF Care and Maintenance Sheets on their respective product page on the website, available for download or to view. Please find your product on the website, and the Care and Maintenance Sheet is available for download on the product pages.

Q: Do your products need assembly?

A: Assembly is required on most of our equipment. These items come assembled and packed tightly and securely from the factory and do require assembly. Being unassembled, this is the best way for the customer to receive their item in a manner that is less likely to get damaged during shipping. Not to worry, we tried our best to keep the items easy to assemble as some major pieces do come pre-assembled, and should not take you more than 1 hour if you follow the instruction manual to set up your new item.


Q: What is your privacy Policy?

A: Privacy policies are a very detailed, boring multi-page legal document that no one can seem to understand because of all the fine print and information overload. If you so dare to see, you can view it here.

Q: Do your items have a product warranty?

A: All EFITMENT items have a Product Warranty. To view the details and specifics, you can read it here.


Q: How can I contact you if my questions are not listed here?

A: For fastest service, its best to go to our contact us page and send us a message. These messages are monitored hourly and response time is fast.

Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m (PST)
Email: service@zoovaa.com