Okay so you’ve heard about cross fit, right? Well if you haven’t that’s alright because here’s the spiel. Basically cross-fit is a functional fitness type exercise. People train and compete and you can win money. It’s really cool. For those who are really into cross-fit here is a great list of products that EFITMENT sells to help you train for those intense workouts.

Burn the maximum amount of calories in the shortest amount of time while toning the body from head to toe with EFITMENT A009 Hexagon Speed Rings! Hexagonal Agility Rings are a great tool for practicing footwork, balance, strength and flexibility. These drills require your muscles to generate force rapidly to accelerate and decelerate your body, which is important when trying to build speed, strength or even aid toward weight loss

Burn the FAT by adding more to your workouts with the one size fits all EFITMENT WEIGHTED VEST. Carrying extra weight during your workouts demands more oxygen due to the increased muscle activity resulting in increased strength and improved cardiovascular conditioning. Double sided Velcro waist straps limits movement keeping the weighted vest secure to avoid chaffing during bouncing and accelerated movements.

A001 – 12lb Weighted Vest – Red
A002 – 20lb Weighted Vest – Blue
A003 – 40lb Weighted Vest – Black

The Speed Fitness Ladder priced just under $20, is a really important gift for crossfitters or those that practice functional fitness! Boost power, speed, and better footwork with the EFITMENT A008 Quick Ladder. This agility ladder helps improve coordination, strength and physical ability so you can unleash your potential and accomplish your goals. The Speed Fitness Ladder is designed for athletes who want to take their technique to the next level. Step up your game as you improve your footwork, build your endurance, and gain more control of your body awareness. Turn faster and run harder when you work drills with the EFITMENT Quick Speed Fitness Ladder.

Perform lifts, throws, slams, waves and jacks with the Efitment A011 Elastic Battle Rope. This battling rope is designed with heavy duty webbing material and TPE/ Polypropylene. This 30-ft battle rope has a 1.1” diameter and incorporates 60Ibs of resistance. Get a high-intensity, whole-body workout that gets your muscles moving in new ways. Work the muscles in your upper body, abs, back, and glutes, and you can incorporate movements, such as jumps, lunges, and squats, that work your legs, too. It’s the perfect tool for a killer workout.